CBDC Services

CBDC becomes a mechanism by which digital currency can be in everyday transactions all around the world. Also, it enables financial institutions worldwide to securely send and receive information about transactions. So, digital currency could lead to wider global use of your currency. In conclusion, government and central banks can be established by using digital currency, and customers can manage their assets safely and accurately. CBDC is the best method to protect our currency. Additionally, if you do not have a finance mechanism, we are willing to make a blockchain plan to help your businesses.

CBDC Services (Central Bank Digital Currencies)

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is a digital currency issued directly by the central bank to replace or supplement a real nominal currency. CBDCs can be divided into general small payments and large payments between financial institutions, depending on the institution to be issued. First, unlike cash, anonymity can be restricted. Second, interest payments can be made. Third, the degree of possession and usage time can be adjusted as it is implemented electronically..