Global Exchange listing
by Eulogian Foundation

To receive investment funds, it is essential to list on a transparent exchange. We deal with two types. The first is the process of startup companies based on blockchain issuing cryptocurrency and being listed on the Crypto exchange. The second is the process of successful companies in ICO receiving more funding. Eulogian Foundation’s purpose is to help you succeed using the legitimate information we have.

Exclusive Exchange Listed Services

Global Crypto Exchange Listing

Through Cryptocurrencies, many Crypto companies have created so many business models. However, many of the other Crypto companies have not yet been listed on the cryptocurrency exchange. We know about Crypto companies with high growth potential and match them with main active cryptocurrency exchanges.
Before investing, people check the listing of major exchanges, the coin concept, and your specs of background. Therefore, it is essential to be listed on the main exchange. However, it is difficult for a company that does a Crypto token and coin business to directly request a listing on the best exchange or the desired exchange.
So, Eulogian Foundation is the platform to provide services to allow you to list on the desired Crypto exchange after evaluating the main Crypto exchanges.




Global Blockchain IPO

In the past, there are blockchain companies that have arranged successful investments and expanded explosive business through the ICO and companies doing business related to Crypto Token or Coin Exchange. For them, the IPO is an essential part of the process in the next stage of growth.
In contrast, some of the blockchain companies have never tried an IPO, and it is difficult to do even for the companies which have a lot of money. Also, if they want to be listed on the US Nasdaq, the approval of the SEC is essential.
Moreover, for listing on the exchange, important documents such as declarations of securities should be prepared because of severe regulations from the government, and it is difficult to contact with securities companies and banks.
So, Eulogian Foundation is the platform to offer all IPO services from A to Z, including investments by law, accounting, and securities companies, to help your business develop through the IPO.


Specific support services

Law Services

When the company’s tokens and stocks are listed on the exchange including the cryptocurrency, the legal documents must be prepared, and the legal procedures are so complicated. So, we will help you as a legal partner for your company.

Taxation Services

Eulogian Foundation has an accounting expert who has a lot of experience in the exchange listing business. We offer an efficient solution that can reduce listing costs in a variety of exchanges. We create a method and strategy to help your businesses successful.

Accounting Services

Being the best company in the accounting department will be essential if your company wants to be listed on the crypto exchange or the general exchange. If we help your listing, of course, accounting, you can focus on your goal. We will plan your future success.

Investment Services

If companies that are sufficiently successful and receive much attention in the crypto market want to proceed with the IPO and enter the general market, investment through a major bank or securities company is an essential part. You will have the opportunity to be evaluated in IPO and listing on the major exchange and increase the potential for development.

Keyperson Services

The valuation is inevitable for your company to grow more. It will have to be recognized for your growth potential and meet with the major exchange official. We will arrange a meeting with the partner you need and will draw up your potential and expose it to the company, bank, stock firm, and investor.