Global Paygate services
by Eulogian Foundation

If it is difficult to transfer capital between countries during the work of a person or company, you can use our services. Make your future successful by opening an account in the country which has a company you want to send money to and send money in the company to make a profit with Eulogian Foundation global paygate services.

What is Global paygate?

Many companies and people want to transfer capital between countries. However, due to legal, accounting problems, and regulations, it is difficult to transfer from the country to another country.
Companies dealing with cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain businesses are especially difficult.
Eulogian Foundation operates a platform service that enables global remittances between big capitalists and companies dealing with blockchain business and cryptocurrency exchanges, including general companies.
It will be legally serviced from opening an account in the country you want to matching a company that sends money with a company that receives money.

Specific support services

VAN Services

Eulogian Foundation is the best global Paygate by providing customized Van Services such as G2G, B2B, and C2C.

Blockchain Services

Eulogian Foundation exchanges money quickly and safely between countries by using blockchain technology through global Paygate services.

Exchange rate Services

Eulogian Foundation knows the exchange rate is a big problem when people send money to other countries. In global Paygate, we will minimize our consumers' damage by connecting with companies related to the exchange rate through a powerful network worldwide.

Direct Services

Eulogian Foundation is not a general Paygate service company. We are doing business with major Paygate companies such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We connect a global Paygate directly.