VIP Service of Eulogian Foundation transforms the idea of concierge service into lifestyle management

Only one VIP service for you

Eulogian Foundation provides the VIP service to people who trust us to find the best solutions for their requirements. We can stay one step ahead of those requirements by knowing what our clients want exactly and delivering that most efficiently and quickly.

Everyone is different, the needs of people are not equal, much less their tastes. So, We deal with every customer personally.  We take the time and struggle to get to know the clients. we are working so that we can provide a perfectly tailored experience because every person needs a tailored suit similarly.

The small details are the most important. At Eulogian Foundation, we constantly strive for excellence, ensuring everything you want is taken care of seamlessly.

Dedicated secretary for you

We already understand that your time is so valuable for your business. When you feel the time is limited and need somebody who helps you, we can match a dedicated secretary only for you. The business of a dedicated secretary is essential and useful to be a success for your work.

We will be so glad to be satisfied with your dedicated secretary who is suitable for you. The final goal of the Eurogian Foundation is your satisfaction with everything.

You can meet the dedicated secretary who can be your convenience throughout us. Contact us, meet them.

Enjoy your time with a luxury yacht.

After your business, you might want to enjoy your vacation with your partner like family, friends, and so on. We would like to provide you a comfortable, sporty designed, and high valued a yacht for your unforgettable experience.

The yachts which have ingeniously designed living spaces are popular and influential for people who find a convenient and special vacation. Also, whatever your style is, we can prepare the yacht you find.

Enjoy the sun with chilly wind and the night with the beautiful moon in your yacht.

Our Services

Pick-up service

We will pick up for you wherever and whenever required by the VIP with a luxury vehicle.

Air charter service

We will provide chartered flights from where you are staying to where you want to go now.

Luxury yacht

If you want to go on a marine vacation, we will borrow and manage the luxury yachts where you are.

Interpreter service

If you are difficult to take a vacation because of the language, we will send you a dedicated interpreter for your language which is Arabic or Spanish, Latin, and others, so you can enjoy your vacation without any language problems.

Dedicated Secretary service

We will send you a dedicated secretary to solve the business problem that occurs during the vacation to you, so you can enjoy without any problem.

Bodyguard service

We will ensure that there are no safety problems in the country where you are staying. The mercenaries which are special forces and bodyguards will protect you.


In the next stage, if you think a car is essential for your work, consider All-in-One VIP Car Service.

Chauffeured Sedans

We have already known your time is so valuable. So, we will arrange a VIP transportation service to meet your event or party requests quickly and efficiently.

Chauffeured SUVs

We will ensure you travel in the utmost safety and convenient service. Whether you are traveling with family, friends, or co-workers, we are sure of you to enjoy fully with luxurious vehicles.

Luxury & Exotic Cars

For your up-coming special affairs, the luxury sedan might be needed. You can get a luxury car delivered to your home or hotel.


Rent a beautiful and sleek limousine that takes responsibility for your safety. We are looking forward to you enjoying the white-colored limousine for the day & black-colored limousine for the night.


Contact us now for your customizing VIP packages.
Eulogian Foundation VIP Service is on call to take your request and 

customize an all-inclusive event pacckage to satisfy you with your every wish.